Beach Wedding @ Playa Cielo

sun is about to set in the horizon.

Imagine an endless pristine beach, with tropical vegetation and the soothing sound of the breaking waves. Imagine the orange skies, as the sun is about to set in the horizon. Imagine celebrating your love in this scenario. Imagine chill-out beds, hammocks and lounge chairs for relaxation, while sipping the best margaritas ever.

photographer, hair and makeup

We can arrange a photographer, hair and makeup, music, design, flowers, and more. There are also local wedding planners available to help you, we recommend and trust 

Wedding Packages

Weddings at Playa Cielo, with our beachfront restaurant Habanero offer off the beaten path, nature and beach loving couples the opportunity to celebrate their love in an intimate event right on the amazing Santa Teresa beach. With our beachfront restaurant, we are able to accommodate weddings up to 100 people, with a rich, diverse menu, upscale bar, and the best spot.